Welcome to The Remote Work Summit 2019

This is a fully-virtual conference that you can attend online from wherever you are. We've tried to create a balance between the experience of an in-person event with the flexibility of location independence.

There are two ways for you to learn & interact:

1. Live Presentations & Networking Session - these events are organized on a virtual event & video platform that allows you to watch the presentations live, ask questions and network with the other attendees.

2. Featured Interviews - these are recently recorded video interviews of experts on specific topics to deliver max long-term value for you.

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Expert Sessions
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State of Remote Work. [Focus on Hybrid Companies]

Hailley Griffis
Head of Public Relations, Buffer

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Communication, Collaboration & Project Management in Distributed Teams

Allan K. Christensen
COO, Doist

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Learning & Development: The Secret Sauce To Thriving in a Remote Team

Tammy Bjelland
Founder & CEO, Workplaceless

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Collaboration Without Constraints For Remote Teams

Barbra Gago
Chief Marketing Officer, Miro

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Achieving Higher Productivity & Engagement- Using Communication & Collaboration Tools

Sam Mallikarjunan
Chief Revenue Officer, Flock

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Expert Sessions

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Scaling a Fully Distributed Team

JT Haskell
Director of Recruiting, Zapier

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The Remote Work Revolution: Getting Started

Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt

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Building Culture & Connections in Remote Teams

Ho Yin Cheung
Founder & Creator, Remo App

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Remote Jobs - Getting Hired and Working Remotely

Job van der Voort
CEO, Remote.com

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People Operations in a ​Hybrid Organization

Laïla von Alvensleben
Head of People Ops, ​MURAL

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Leading and Scaling Remote Organizations

Zack Onisko
CEO, Dribbble

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“Trust” in Remote Teams

Crisantos Hajibrahim
Chief Evangelist, Prodoscore

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Myths Vs Truths of working remotely

John Elston

CMO, Upflex

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[Gig Economy] Working Remotely as a Freelancer

Liron Smadja
Marketing Director, Fiverr

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Expert Panel Discussion
[Premium Pass]

Remote Work - Introduction & Future

Liam Martin
Co-founder, TimeDoctor & Staff.com

Getting Started with Remote Work

Michael Gutman
Director of Marketing, FlexJobs

Culture & Engagement in Remote Teams

Darcy Boles
Head of Employee Experience, Taxjar

Remote Jobs for Women

Katharine Zaleski
President, PowerToFly

Getting Started with Remote Work

Kari de Phillips
Founder, Workationing & Content Factory

Remote Jobs - Resume & Interview Preparation

Taylor Lane
Remote Career Coach, RemoteLikeMe

Remote Jobs - Resume & Interview Preparation

Sue Marshall
CEO, Abodoo

Remote Team Management - Best Practices

Stephanie Smith
Head of Publications, Toptal

Remote Team Management

Sacha Connor
Founder & CEO, Virtual Work Insider

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