Video Production and Marketing

If a photo is worth a 1000 words, imagine the worth of a video!

There are more than 500 million people on Facebook that watch videos every day and more than 14 billion watch them on Snapchat! That's a lot! Given that I have not yet taken Youtube into account.

I know the numbers might be surprising. But they are not! Since video is the easiest form of content to consume, there is a lot of unexplored potentials that it holds.

Video Marketing

​Types of Marketing Videos

Videos are emerging as the top medium choice for marketers today. But determining what format of video content will resonate with your audience is also an essential step towards effective video marketing. Here are different forms of videos that you can produce-

1. Demo Videos

These videos showcase how your product works. It can be demonstrated in various ways - either a virtual tour of your SaaS tool or unboxing the physical product. 

2. Brand Videos

The objective of these videos is to bring your brand to life. They include your long-term goals, mission, and objectives. These videos are useful for creating brand awareness and building a positive brand image online.

3. Event Videos

These are visual representations of your company's important events, like conferences, or retreats. Marketers release highlights or interviews from these events to engage their target group and build an online presence.

4. Expert Interviews

Including experts interviews in your video strategy is a great way to build trust and credibility amongst your target audience. These experts could be anyone from thought leaders to popular influencers with years of experience. As long as the industry is relevant to your target audience, the content will be valuable for them.

5. Educational or How-to Videos

These videos, also known as tutorial videos, are used to demonstrate something new or something that the audience should know to have a better understanding of your product, service, or brand.

6. Case Study or Testimonial Videos

Your audience needs to believe that your product/service will provide a definitive solution to their current problems. And case studies and customer testimonial videos are a great way to achieve that. Since your highly satisfied customers are your best advocates, it's time you use that to your advantage.

7. Live Videos

Live videos escalated from a small new feature to one of the most consumed video content on the internet. It also draws higher engagement rates & longer streams — viewers spend up to 8.1x longer with live video than with video-on-demand.

8. Animated videos

These videos have strong visuals that instantly engages the audience. Their popularity rose with their ability to execute hard-to-grasp concepts efficiently.

What Type of Video Should you Produce?

Since videos are the highest consumed content on the internet, they can enhance your marketing efforts. But if you do not go in the right direction, it will be just another piece of content wasted. 

Different types of videos can be used to move your prospects along their journey towards the purchase in a more efficient way. To know which form of video marketing will engage your audience, you need to analyze their stage in the customer life-cycle.

Video Marketing at Various User Stages

A smart marketer would align their strategy to the stage of the funnel the user is in. Ideally, there are three stages in a marketing funnel -

  • Top of the funnel (ToFu) - Awareness Stage

  • Middle of the funnel (MoFu) - Consideration Stage

  • Bottom of the funnel (BoFu) - Decision Stage

Video Production and Marketing

I. Video marketing at ToFu

At the top of the funnel, the users might not have a comprehensive understanding of their problems. They might not even be aware that your company exists.

Your goal at this stage is to create brand awareness. So the content in this stage should appeal to a broader audience. It should be authentic, engaging, and valuable for the people. It should also be distributed in formats most easily consumed by the users.

Examples of ToFu content you could create at this stage include: 

  • Content libraries

  • Webinars/Virtual Summits

  • Facebook Video Marketing

  • Explainer/Informative Videos

  • Expert interviews

II. Video marketing at MoFu

Middle of the funnel content is intended to educate the users and attract them towards your brand. And then generate leads so you can build a long and loyal relationship with them. MOFU content should be focused on helping prospects evaluate their decisions and informing them why your product is the best for them.

At this stage, you should focus on producing the following forms of content:

  • Product Demos

  • Client/Customer testimonials

  • Case studies

  • Product/service review videos

III. Video Marketing at BoFu

Video marketing is a helpful tool for building trust. At this stage, you can take advantage of video marketing and boost conversions and create brand loyalists.

Content at this stage can overlay a little with content in MoFu. For instance, case studies, testimonials, etc. are also useful for closing prospects.

For this stage, you can create the following types of content -

  • FAQ videos

  • Instructional Videos


Video marketing provides brands with the opportunity to build a positive relationship with their audience. And by leveraging the power of video over massive platforms like Facebook or YouTube, you could instantly enhance your reach!

And now that you have understood what video marketing looks like at every step of the buyer's journey, let's take the next step!

Learn how you can create a highly engaging video.

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